On trying to explain roon to colleagues

Every time I try to explain what it is that roon actually does!


I tried - they responded ‘So it’s like Spotify, costs the same but you get no music with it?’


Yeah I get through trying, and the part that always gets misunderstood is that for the money you pay, you don’t get any music. It’s an odd thing as you could easily explain to someone why you bought a new tablet, or a learning remote for your home cinema, but man… roon is hard to explain.

I just say:

“CD? What’s a CD?”

“I listen to music all day and I never have to put away any CDs”

“But I can listen to a streaming service on more than just my iPhone”

There is no point trying to convince people about Roon. A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.
Let them use it or see you use it and if they ask then answer, if they are happy with Spotify then you know they won’t want to invest.

And keep them in the right order

Some years back , a visiting child quietly sat pulling out LPs from their sorted position and reinserting them randomly , until I caught him :imp:

At least these days the computer sorts them

Reminds me of a similar thing that used to happen back in my college days at the college radio station. We had a music library of about 10 to 15 thousand LPs which were filed alphabetically. If someone miss filed an LP it was for all intents and purposes lost.

And as you say, now Roon, aka the computer, keeps my music library nice and tidy.

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Then I say: Roon integrates your local library with streaming services into a seamless, browsable experience.

They say: who has their own library? You mean like iTunes?

I literally do not know a single soul that curates their own music library. Not one person.

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I have two friends who still have a music collection - one mostly vinyl, the other purely digital - but everyone else I know has switched to streaming. We’re (probably) a dying breed.


To my mind, the main selling point for Roon is the ability to play to multiple locations. I have a system in my office, in a dedicated music room, and my living room. I also play to Sonos speakers that I can put just about anywhere, but mostly on the patio by the pool or in my garage workshop. I’ll often play to my phone via headphones while I’m working around the house. That is the beauty of Roon.

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You can explain friends switching zones in Roon is like a Spotify Connect but better one :stuck_out_tongue:

Except, these days, they’d be secretly in the server either copying/stealing your music, re-naming the folders, or worse. I would like to see Roon add some security here TBH.

Roon enhances your total audio experience:

Audio tweeks.
Central access point.

If you want to know anything tech ask a 12 year old :grin:

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They’ve never hit the + button on spotify, for a single artist, album, song, or playlist?

I start this way:
What if you could access your entire digital music collection, all your libraries, sources, streaming services, even radio, and control from and route to any device easily with highest available signal quality through a rich, easy to use interface? And, learn and explore artists, albums, genres, composers, and more using encyclopedic knowledge attuned to your listening habits?
“Really?” They say. Or their eyes glaze over.
Then I just show them.

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OK, bad choice of words on my part. How’s this:

I literally do not know a single soul that stores their own music library. Not one person.

I suspect that the percentage of people on this forum who do not have a local music store in addition to access to Tidal, Qobuz or Spotify streaming services is significantly less than 50%.

I use Roon to combine my local and external digital music libraries, as I suspect do most people on this forum.

Do you not know anyone who has retained their CD, LP or Cassette collection?

If you are asking me, the answer is NO. I have an LP, optical plastic and cassette collection. But, again, I am alone in that regard.

The multi zone abilities and synced playback of Roon are great, but those sceptical of Roon will correctly argue that Airplay 2 can do the same thing out of the box. It’s a hard sell…

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