Once again, Too many failures, etc

Out of the blue I have no music. Roon launches, tracks are recognized (the bouncy blue gizmo is rocking) but the progress bar is lifeless.

Reading in these columns, I discovered that others resorted to restoring backups. So did I and was greeted with the message that an upgrade to 2.0 was required. Did that, thereby losing all my previous settings (especially painful is the loss of the parametric settings).

The result, however, is the same as described in the opening of this missive - Roon is limp, no soul, no music.

Please help (and in future would you please inform your audience that an upgrade is in the offing!).

I add that I receive the “Too many failures …”, etc. blurb
Thank you

Please ask for support following the link. This way Roon will see it.

Hi there,

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Roon Core Machine

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Networking Gear & Setup Details

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Roon Core Machine

Asus laptop Intel Core m3-7Y30 CPU @ 1.00GHz 1.61 GHz

Networking Gear & Setup Details

roon Core hardwired to Asus, wifi to extender from which Ethernet cable connects to Mano Ultra streamer (with Farrad PSU) that feeds a Lampizator DAC via HDMI or AES/EBU.

Connected Audio Devices

As above, from the Mano to the Lampi over either hdmi or AES

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Suddenly no music, I.e. Roon launches, I choose my preference, hit play, and nothing happens. The blue bouncy thing is rollicking but the progress bar is inactive.

Invariably, either Roon returns to > and/or the blurb pops up about Too many tries, etc.

Reading in these columns, I saw that some with the same anomaly restored a backup.

So did I only to receive the message that an upgrade is required, to 2.0. Following the upgrade (that stripped away several settings) nothing has changed. No music, no activity.

Yesterday evening all was in fine order. I am assuming that the impending upgrade threw the wrench into the works … yes?

Try cutting out the WiFi part. (WiFi to exstender) and see what happens.
Reboot everything.

Thanks. To be sure I understand what you mean by ‘cutting out Wifi’, are you suggesting I remove the extender? The difficulty is that my streamer does not ‘do’ wifi, only ethernet. As the core is some distance away from the music system, I have relied on the extender not so much to amplify the wifi signal as to provide the means to run a CAT 6 cable from it to the streamer. Removing the extender renders the streamer inoperative.

The way I read it is; you’re using WiFi to the extender. So effectively everything behind is also using WiFi. If possible connect your core and endpoint by cable to your router. Than see what happens.

Today, there is a slight,change: the progress bar moves slowly and erratically, certainly not according to a correct seconds count. However, there is no audio, neither over hdmi nor aes/ebu.
Your’s just came in as I was typing.
Well, the Asus is hardwired from the router, but yes the signal to the extender is over wifi.
A question, however: does it seem right that suddenly all of this happens? why would the connectivity suddenly be an issue when it has been working problem-free?
Measured signal strengh is rated very good to high.

Have you rebooted everything network included ?

That is a 4.5 W TDP ultra low power mobile processor with a slow base frequency, and it is running Roon Server on top of Windows. Not a good idea.


yes, several times

I have used this combination since 2018 and although there have been glitches - stuttering, leaps through the tracks, the dreaded message that Tida/Quobuz is running slowly, etc, these turned out to be temporary.
That said, what is that I need in that case? Something more powerful?

If you said that you were running this on a Microsoft Surface Pro, many would tell you that you have an underpowered Roon Server. But your Asus machine is not even the equivalent of a Surface Pro. Rather, it is on level with a Surface Go, which no one would advise to use as a Roon Server. That it has worked marginally enough for you in the past is no guarantee of performance or support going forward.


I appreciate your direct, no nonsense response, even though it does deflate … I repeat the question I raised above: what would you recommend (e.g. a NUĆ or a computer using Intel l7?)

Would uninstalling/reinstalling Roon qua core be a way to go? If not I know not what else to do!

44k,tracks isn’t big so an i3 NUC 16gb RAM would work but if you are thinking of increasing even from Tidal, go i7 it’s not that much more

For $200 give or take, Amazon now sells numerous small form factor computers with or without fan that can run ROCK or Roon Server on Windows just fine. All you have to do is take a look.


Unfortunately, WiFi is affected by many things, and can vary day-to-day, even hour-to-hour. Sometimes depends on new developments in neighboring houses and/or apts of which you may be completely unaware.

Sure. Doesn’t have to be fancy. I’d get an i5 or i7 processor in it, just to future-proof a bit. Any small computer with that should work fine. Remember that software, like Roon Core, tends to get more resource-intensive as it gets older, for some reason :-).

This upgrade happened quite a while ago, and was announced before that! But only in the forum, and the mailing lists.

After a stressful day at the end of which there seems to be no solution to said breakdown. Roon loads, plays apparently, the seconds counter advancing slowly in uneven steps, but audio is absent.
Uninstalling/reinstalling changed nothing.
My question is this (to those of my interlocutors who bear with me): is this a connectivity issue - WiFi-cum-Ethernet - that suggests internet difficulties, or is my apparently inadequate core-laptop to blame for the sudden failure, I.e. it can no longer handle the load (despite measurements of signal strength that are “awesome”)?
Is the solution to purchase a better performing computer/NUC, whatever?
Please help in shedding much needed light!

Well, you can test the various hypotheses.

  1. Suppose the WiFi is suddenly wonky. Test this by running an Ethernet cable from your router to the Mano Ultra streamer. This is temporary, so even if it is clumsy or awkward, just do it. Now play, and see if the problems have gone away. If so, it’s your WiFi that’s the problem.

  2. Suppose your computer is underpowered. Test this by swapping in a more powerful computer, again, this is temporary. Now play, and see if the problem has gone away. If so, keep the more powerful computer, if not, return it.

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