Once again, Too many failures, etc

Thank you.
We are in the realm of inductive logic, I.e. J.S.Mill’s canon of difference,
All was well, suddenly no more - what is the factor that makes the ‘difference’.
You suggest two hypotheses (connectivity or hardware faults): is there a possible 3rd?

Aliens? Leprechauns? Pranksters?

Why not start with the two that have been proposed and rule them out, first?

For one, that requires purchasing a 20 m. LAN cable, for the other, my other computer is virtually the same as the current core, a year or two younger.
I am going with the hardware hypothesis.
Can you recommend a mini pc or similar using i7 windows?

P.S. I realize you may not be able to recommend specific products.

I understand. But I’d buy online from a place that allows a 30-day return policy, like Amazon. Or borrow one from a friend. You just need it to test. I get my cables from Blue Jeans Cables. You don’t need more than a 5e Ethernet cable.

Not a specific one. Depends on where you are and what you have access to. Again, buy one that you can return. I’ve gotten old tower computers for free just by asking on neighborhood social media. I see Amazon has the Lenovo ThinkCentre M910Q Tiny Desktop Computer, Intel Core i7-6700T on sale for $250.

Thanks again. I am Swiss in Switzerland. Borrowings, etc, are not much the rule in these parts.

Good morning (Swiss time)
Resurrexit! I have music. Go figure.
Best to all

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Hello All,
Pursuant the foregoing exchanges I have been browsing the web to discover what is available in the way of mini-pc. Came across the hp as presented in the link. Could someone assess whether it will easily handle Roon?
Thanks in advance

That is far from a small board computer. It is a full blown desktop class PC. With probably a wind tunnel for a cooling fan.


Yes, that is certainly powerful enough for Roon Server.

Apparently, it is “TUV certified for low noise”, whatever that means.

Ah! Acoustics Testing and Measurement | WO | TÜV Rheinland

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