Once again, WLAN vs Ethernet

I‘m a control freak ….
And very much liked to monitor WLAN speed and quality .
Since I switched to Ethernet I can only say : It works.
Do we/you know any simple tool to double- check speed and Quality of Ethernet data ?

Description of Issue

Not without a managed switch that gives you such data. Honestly, I’m nowhere near the theoretical frames per second capacity of my switch so everything stays green from a performance perspective. I do watch for port errors though and have never had issue. I do monitor performance at the router though.

What do you imagine “quality of ethernet data” is?
Using quality hardware, cabling and a good network design assures that data is received as it was send.
You cannot degrade or upgrade Ethernet data quality, it is what it is.

Managed switches can give you information on how the switch (network) is performing etc.
Given the nature of the way you ask your question, do not go there…
Stick with quality hardware and keep it simple, if it works do not mess with it.

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I run a script on my computer to ping the various audio devices on my network. This is simply to check that they’re connected, rather than anything to do with the quality of the connection, but a high ping (and/or packet loss) would indicate any problems.