One album, multiple artists


The album “Rendezvous” was made by both Jacky Terrasson and Cassandra Wilson.

But Roon attributes it to Jacky Terrasson alone. It’s filed under Jacky Terrrasson’s main albums but under Cassandra Wilson’s appearances. And on each track of the album it says “also performed by Cassandra Wilson”.

This is not true. The fact that Jacky’s name appears first is arbitrary. This album should be either part of both artist’s main albums or there should be an “artist page” specific for this collaboration.

This is just an example. I have several others albums with the same problem. Pretty much all albums which are collaborations.

Can this be corrected?


Hi @nununo – I just took a look, and while some of our metadata providers call this a collaborative album (as it appears on the cover), the majority of our sources call this a Jacky Terrasson album.

This is not to say you’re wrong – the cover art implies you’re correct, but for the moment this is what our data sources are telling us.

So a couple things:

AllMusic is one of our primary sources, and if they were to correct the entry as you suggest, not only would it likely be reflected in our database, but it would be reflected in your Roon library as well when your metadata updates automatically. You may want to report this to AllMusic using the Submit Corrections link here.

We also have two items on our roadmap that will help here. The first is letting users submit metadata corrections to us, either in the app or via a web interface. The second is editing.

Both of these are coming – I don’t have exact timelines, but we are hoping to release some editing tools soon that will focus on letting users roll back to their tags for certain fields. This might help you here, but my expectation is that the initial functionality will focus on falling back to tags for fields that are text (album title, track title) as opposed to rich data like Artists or Composer.

Thanks for the report – eventually you’ll be able to edit this album however you want, but for now, submitting the correction may be the fastest way, and would also benefit everyone who owns this album. I would have our guys submit the correction, but since I’m seeing so many sources list this under Jacky Terrason, it seems like a little more of a grey area than the cover art would indicate.

Thanks again @nununo and sorry for writing so much! :smile:

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your thorough explanation! Understood. I followed your advice, clicked the link and submitted the suggestion to correct.

Great to know that those features are coming soon.


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