One Click Play Please [On Roadmap]

(Chris ) #143

Interesting, it doesn’t bother me. I want options. I often stack up a lot of listening so first it’s play now, then I add play next or add to queue as appropriate.
It’s one click to move on to the next track if I choose although I rarely interrupt mid song. It feels wrong when things sound so good.
Sure is a lot quicker than getting CD’s from a shelf or cupboard lol

One click play could be an option for those that want it, for sure

(RJ Plummer) #144

Playing an album is particularly annoying, since you have to click the album, then play, then add-to-queue, when using a pointer going from the bottom of the screen to the top, back to the bottom

It seems like if you leave “ask” as an option, nobody’s forced to change their behavior.

(Bob Harvie) #145

I would like to see a very simple feature that when ‘Play’, or ‘Play album’ was pressed, that music played.

I’m aware of a previous feature request which asked a similar thing. I was the originator of that request. Unfortunately my request got bogged down in a tedious series of arguments about play lists and what have you, completely missing the point. I have no desire to take away any functionality around building play lists, or of denying the button pushers an extra few clicks. I am simply asking that for those of us who have such a preference, could a button, or additional feature, be built in that allows an album to be played with a single click.

I repeat; I have no desire to remove or alter any functionality that those who like to press play multiple times, enjoy.

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Post merged, back into original topic. Having a second topic for the same request just adds extra maintenance for little gain.

(bevan court) #147

I agree, that is one thing that I feel could be improved


I think the way to solve this is to keep as is, and add a function in settings that activate the one click function. Then everybody should be happy.

In the mean time you can play with :slight_smile:
Control Roon from the iOS Notification Center as a widget

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(John Rolin) #149

I agree after using ROON for 30 minutes. I also have JRiver and I am trying to decide if ROON will improve my playback experience. While I don’t expect perfection from any media server software, I am not hesitant about pointing out annoying issues. Multi-click play is such an annoying feature.


I’d recommend using it for a week or so, and then reflect.

(Petri K.) #151

I have been using Roon more than a year and I still think this is annoying…

(Mr Fix It ) #152

I put this in the nice to have but not a deal breaker department…I get frustrated buy it on the odd occasion when I am in a rush and then wonder why nothing played…then have to turn back and press play in the waiting screen…I do think it should be optional by profile.

(Jan-Jaap) #153

I’ve gotten used to it now but something like the tidal app does (direct click just plays including following songs, dots give options) would be nice as an option.

(Kenneth F Krutsch) #154

…along with the rest of the digital player app universe. Roon is unique in this regard. Even Sonos has ditched their “queue” methodology as the default interaction model (though still available via ‘…’ menu).


And this is a good thing. It’s the first player there you not lose your queue accidently by a wrong click.
I love it!

(Kenneth F Krutsch) #156

Stockholm Syndrome.

(jan jernvall) #157

Yep for one click play.
Just have the play button next to song titles. And make the album/playlist automatically continue from that point on. If I want to make a queue or radio I make one.

I don’t have time to read all the replies, but I think it is usually not very clever to ‘try to teach people do things in a new way’ especially if the earlier way was not broken in the first place.

Even e-book are flipped page by page. Records, tapes, cd’s, ipods, digital music players have always continued from the song you have chosen as default. And with cd and digital players you have had an OPTION to program a list of different order, queue, playlist, whatnot.

Feels like otherwise pretty nice Roon think they’ve created something ‘new’ by making that option not an option for linear play, but as a default… and the linear play as an option that needs tinkering and selections/many click etc.

There was a company that thought they would ‘teach’ people the ‘right and better’ way to use their devices no matter how un-intuitive their ‘right way’ was.
They were global leader in their game, until a competition created a product with an intuitive interface and they were out of business within years. The first company being Nokia and the intuitive product, you guessed it Apple’s iPhone.
But as everybody want’s to be new Steve Jobs and Apple and ‘revolutionalize’ something, don’t do that just for the sake of being able to say you ‘revolutionalized something’ if there is nothing to revolutionize, just do a great, solid, well designed and intuitive product.
Not all revolutions are good ones and get traction. Only the ones that actually make people’s life better and easier. And company cannot choose which does and force its vision to people. Even Apple has faced that with some of their products…

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(Chris ) #158

I get One click play in BluOS and I hate it. It does what it says on the tin and so I am often getting caught out and cutting a song. To play next I have to select the dots and use play next. This is nowhere near as good as Roon and the Pawmasher.
The only place for one click play in Roon is Internet Radio Stations IMHO

I expect people get used to what they are used to.

I would be good if options were available.

(jan jernvall) #159

Compromise; First in the line for a song is a play button that would work as a play button in Tidal/Spotify/iTunes etc. and would play the current album/playlist from there on. Clicking on the name of the song (and it’s area) would work as Roon works now. Everybody happy?

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You should take the time. When you would understand why a lot of people, myself included, like it as it is.

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No, not happy. Everything what is able to kill the current queue by accient is real bad in my opinion.
This did happen to me in my previous player and I like Roon for that I (or one of my guests) never have killed a queue by accident since I use Roon.
Thanks Roon for the current play button behaviour!

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(Mr Fix It ) #162

Maybe there should be some logic that says if there is nothing playing then play immediately, but if something is already playing the give the play now/add to queue/playnext panel.