One Core - Move to 2nd Home


I have a Roon Nucleus Plus that has worked flawlessly at my Summer/Fall home - its connected directly to an unmanned Lux Switch there and “sees” all of my streaming zones in the home.

I relocated to my winter/Spring home and brought the nucleus core with me. I plugged it into my network via ethernet. When plugging it into my wall (which is a live ethernet run directly to my switch) my IPAD sees the roon, but the roon doesn’t see any of my audio devices (I have over a dozen) other than my iPad. When I connect it directly to the back of my modem, the iPad doesn’t see the roon at all. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I brought the nucleus rather than buying a second core for this other home to make it ‘easier” for me and to avoid having to sync libraries. I guess it isn’t that “easy”.

Is the IP address changing on you? might try to set a static IP for the nucleus in the modem/router?
might try using “fing” to see if you can find the nucleus?

I would avoid using static IP if it gets moved from time to time. if it is on a static IP address this might be your issue.

Moving this post to #support:nucleus-support for you.

Thanks all - the issue appears to have been resolved by hooking the Nucleus up to a different ethernet switch which ultimately connects to my router.

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