One core, two outlets


maybe a simple question: I got two stereos, independent from each other. Up to now, only one stereo is connected to the Roon core (put on an iMac) via an Auralic streamer. If I want to connect the other stereo, too: I presume that I need a second streamer. Don’t I? And do I organize the set-up so that I can use the same remote controls (a MacBook, an iPad, an iPhone)?

Thank you for answering



You will need to connect the second zone to the Roon core in some way. This could either through tapping off your existing Auralic or more likely to connect a second streamer to your network.

This needn’t be very expensive, plenty of folks here use a Raspberry Pi based streamer with good results.

You won’t need a second remote to control the second zone as you can select which zone you want from your existing remote.

Spot on reply.

Another simple option would be to use a Chromecast Audio at around £30. It has both analogue and digital outputs, both via the same 3.5mm output socket.

Good advice above, Thomas. You might also be assisted by further information about Zones in Roon from the Knowledge Base.

One Server can service multiple endpoints (outputs) than call all be managed from any one of many control devices.
(There are some caveats on what endpoints can be grouped for synchronised output but they can all be managed by any control device)