One iMac/Two iFi Zen Dacs - Can Roon Recognize Both?

Roon 1.7 (Build 710); macOS Big Sur 11.1

I use Roon from my iMac/Roon Core to a Zen Dac on my computer work desk which in turns feeds my desk speakers.

I also want to use Roon from the same iMac to a Zen Dac on the other side of my room to feed my Denon receiver.

Because it’s one iMac feeding two separate and identical Zen Dacs, Roon still shows only one Zen Dac among the audio zones.

It’s an inconvenience, not a problem, since whichever Zen Dac I leave plugged in works perfectly fine. But is there any way that Roon can simultaneously recognize two separate zones that are in its eyes identical?

Thanks for your help!

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You can have multiple Zones on one device if it exposes multiple outputs. In this case it sounds like there is a single output from your iMac and you are swapping cables.

If you had an audio card with multiple outputs then you might see different Zones for each output.

Each zen dac is plugged in to a separate usb input on the back of the Mac. I’m only switching them out only because that seems to be the only way to force the stream to the right DAC.

But I guess the Mac treats multiple usb slots as a single output?

Thanks for your quick response and hope this helps solve the problem.


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Ok, I see. That is interesting and I’m going to shift this back to @support because it feels like something that should be possible, but it is beyond my very poor Mac knowledge. It may be possible using the Audio MIDI Setup features.

@RBM, Rene have you any ideas here ?

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Problem solved - I just purchased a Room Nucleus (not in order to solve this problem, though!) and the Nucleus is smart enough to see and separate each Zen Dac.

Thanks in any event for your help!

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Hi @Stuart_Rosen,

Thanks for letting us know you’ve been able to resolve this issue with the Nucleus Core, that’s fantastic news! Please do let us know if there’s anything we can assist with in the future!

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