One license, two computers?


I’m considering buying Roon. However, I have two listening stations: One playing from a PC server to my main stereo and one playing from a Mac to headphones. They are not connected by Ethernet, as my house isn’t wired, and they are across the house from each other.

If I wanted to get Roon to use at both stations, would I have to buy 2 licenses? I’d like to share a license between the two, but shelling out a thousand dollars for the privilege of listening to my own music is a non-starter.


If you don’t run Roon at the same time on both systems, then you only need one license; see here.

Both systems will need to be connected to the internet, however; even if they are not connected together in a home network.

Thanks for the prompt reply! Does that mean I’ll have to deauthorize one of the computers every time I switch? Is there a limit to the number of times I can do this?

Yes, the deauthorize process is a oneclick process and there’s no limit.

Or try a mesh wireless network across the two perhaps? Might save a lot of faffing about.

I might be misunderstand the question or the system as I’ve only just signed up to Roon and only have 1 computer…but…can’t the user put Roon Bridge on a second computer to enable play back on that second computer?

Obviously Roon Core would need to be on one computer only and switched on for the system to work. But Roon core enables playback on a second computer, right?

They aren’t on the same network according to the OP so can’t work like that.

oh I read it as same network just wifi not cable connected.

ha! @Zachary_Braverman Do you have wireless connectivity?

Hi @Zachary_Braverman,

As mentioned above, you can use your license on multiple Core machines — You’ll just need to authorize the Core that you want to use.

Based on your description, it sounds like you may be better off leaving one machine as your Core and using another as a remote to connect to that Core. This will work as long as these machines are on the same network.

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