One more general question about roon logic

In trying to organize my library, and understanding “Roon’s logic”, i have one issue. This is a general issue, that i (like you) have had in the tagging work of my albums. In a way, migrating to roon forced me to reconsider my logic (besides, trying to be back-compatible with my other devices…).
For my question, let’s take an example:

Here, roon behaviour is anomalous, as in general it should propose a primary artist link to tristano, like this:

my question is: why there is a link to “Lennie Tristano Quartet”? in general, there’s no such thing like this artist (and the artist page is empty). there are also many exceptions: in classical music things like “Arditti quartet” is a true ensemble with an identity and a discography. and in roon i can find a “Miles Davis Quintet” or “John Coltrane quartet” with an artist page and an identity…
but it seems to me that in the vast majority of cases quartet-quintet-etc is just an extra specification to the main artist. that’s why in my tags i used to add quartet-quintet-etc also to those (jazz) albums where it’s not specified. i mean, i john coltrane album where a quartet is playing, maybe the same quartet of another “john coltrane quartet album”…

i think the mainartist-quartet should not be considered as primary artist, and i would expect this:

one main advantage of having the quartet as a primary artist link is that you can then search all the albums of the quartet. but this is meaningful only if the association is coherent and i link the quartet also to all those album that do not report the “quartet” in the “album artist” (as i tried to do in my tags). but in general in real-life albums and in roon metadata this is not the case.

i’m tempted then to remove completely the quartet-quintet etc primary artists…
so: how do you in general treat these cases?

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One approach is to tell Roon to treat the man and the quartet as one and the same. The distinction remains but the treatment is melded.

To do this go to the Artist Page, select both LT and LTQ and then Edit Artists/Merge Artists. You can undo this if it doesn’t work for you.

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@John_V, thanks… good point!
i didn’t think about this. doing this, i obtain exactly the same result, but i don’t have to do it album by album…