One more problem with artists

here it is:

when some artist/composer has multiple names (like a.k.a…) it happens very often (most of the times, actually, except with very well know jazz standards authors) thay BOTH the names appear. this happens both in the credits section and in the composition composers.

i understand that this is quite an unsolvable problem: the only solution would be to take only one name, and forget the others… and nobody want this.
but i think there should be something like “library check” that prevents to shows 2 times the same person with different names.

i mean… in the “roon logic”, the ID is the “person”, who can have various names. the track credits could have more names of the same person (for example if one come from roon metadata and one from file tags) but in displaying them… they should be locally merged into one.

another point is that, while at track levels I LIKE having different names…, at composition level it would be better to have just one name: so that if you want all composition by that “person”…
this i understand would be something outside roon logic, where it seems that every artist have it’s own compositions section (if there are any)…

anyway… i’ve said my opinion. but the doubled composers (and credits) are very annoying… and you cannot simply merge them:
-you would loose the double names
-if you do it anyway, you get an artist page with something like “name a.k.a same name”