One more question -- May not be the RoPieee though

I am outputting from the Canakit running RoPieee wireless to a Guistard U12 in order to output AES/EBU to Dutch and Dutch 8Cs. Roon Core is on an Antipodes DX on the network. Sound is surprisingly good BUT every time I switch file format – i.e. if I switch from a 48/16 file to 96/24, or vice-versa, or from an MP3 radio stream to a different format no sound until I unplug the USB cable from the Canakit and replug it in. Then it works immediately. When no sound is coming out the U12 is still locked on the stream --i.e. it says “44.1” or whatever on it – and my Roon interface on my laptop shows the music as streaming – i.e. the seconds tick by – but no music. I had no such problem when I was streaming from an IPad so I’m wondering what it is. (Also it’s not “stuck”. If I switch to the same format it plays fine without pulling out the USB cable).

Hope that makes sense.

As a test you could try using the dsp function to upsampling everything to a common bit rate and see if this helps. Other than that maybe contact the dac support and see if there is updated firmware.

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I thought that’s what the ‘Resync delay’ option in audio device setup is for?

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Thanks for the tip!

Excellent suggestion.

Did you get a chance to try the 8c as a direct RAAT endpoint? I guess that would solve the problem.
I understand that D&D has the firmware with RAAT finished, but has had some problems with a specific firmware (not the RAAT one) and stopped firmware distribution while researching. Maybe you could get them to enable download of the RAAT firmware for your serial numbers?
Sorry if you’ve already contacted them about this!

I tried. No go. Martjin responded – quickly – that they can’t give any dates, etc. It’s annoying, but that’s what it is.
Upsampling and delay has solved the problem for the moment. I look forward to a new firmware!

Oh that is annoying! Well nothing to do other than wait. Great that you’ve found a workaround!

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I think this might be similar to the bug picked up in the singxer xmos based units. From memory it is to do with bit-depth switching, not sampling rate. And no amount of delay will fix it. The solution if I am not mistaken was to fix the bit-depth to 16bits. Have a look to see if there is a later version of the u12 firmware available. If not, hit up gustard. There was a release from singxer late last year to address this issue for their xmos based units.

Please see next post for correct workaround.

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Thanks for the info!

Actually I just remembered the workaround that someone suggested that worked really well. Set up 2 dsp filters in roon. 1 adds 1db and the other is set to - 1db. This is enough to fix it and no need to set the bit-depth to a fixed 16 bits😉

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Awesome. Thanks!