One more time - Playing Roon music over VPN

Dear forum of experts.
First of all I apologize I start again the topic, but after 2 months of reading forum and trying various solutions I did not make it working.

It become for me important since I need to spend more time with my old father in his place and would like to have a little normality in the evenings listening to my music.

Description of the problem.
I set up a Hifiberry Beocreate box in my father’s place. It is connected to nice speakers in my room there.
It is connected to Internet via very fast connection vial local network(let’s call it LAN2).
It has Wireguard VPN installed (as a docker since you cannot install it natively on hifiberry), but I can connect to my home via ssh vithout problems.
It has RoonBridge installed which is up and running as a service on the it.
raatool properly discovers hifiberry.
This device is not visible by roon server (ROCK installed at my home in local network (LAN1).
I can connect to Roon via VPN on my macBook Pro without the problem. I can start, stop and pause musik from there - but only only my home devices. neither Mac speakers nor Hifiberry are visible for Roon on ROCK.

Have anyone of you an idea what and how should be configured on Hifiberry to make visible from LAN2 via VPN to Roon in LAN1?

I understand Hifiberry is not a part of my home local network and exist only in virtual network created by Wireguard with specific IP different than IP number.

Have anyone here fiund solution how to force RoonBridge to broadcast info about availability of an Audio system to Roon? or how to make Roon server to be able to discover this hifiberry?

I am not sure how Roon discovers audio devices but it must be done via port scans I suppose. So it looks like playing with networks’ configurations at my home and in father’s place.

Thank you in advance for help.

Hello @Slawek_Kumka, I can’t help you with VPN setup etc, but I wonder if a simpler solution is to use the Roon ARC application on your phone to access your home library and setup. Surely this is easier to accomplish?


Hi @Slawek_Kumka,

I have a similar setup running at work using a Windows PC via Wireguard.

It’s important that the Wireguard Peer Profiles are set to “Remote tunneled access” at the Wireguard Server.

For me it is pretty much plug and play - my Roon Server directly recognizes the Endpoints once the connection is established and the roon app is open on the Windows PC

Not sure if this is what you are trying to achieve, but you may be trying to set up a site-to-site vpn (easy) and make your remote see a core on a different subnet and make your core see endpoints on a different subnet (hard/er). If I’m right that this is what you are trying to achieve, you need UDP packets on Port 9003 to traverse the subnets, which does not happen automatically. The below thread should help you out. But… I have to ask… why not just use ARC?

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Thank you @Niklas_Oestergaard

Could you Please let me know what do you mean by „ It’s important that the Wireguard Peer Profiles are set to “Remote tunneled access” at the Wireguard Server.”?
How to set this type of generation profiles in WireGuard? Is there a specific option for it in? I have generated config for peers in command line.

Btw Happy New Year!

And Thank you @Johnny_Ooooops .

My goal is to have endpoint (hifiberry which is Roon Ready in location which is far from Roon server in different network) able to play bit perfect music by Roon.
Roon server is in location 1, hifiberry in location 2. I start Roon client on Mac or iPad in location 2.
Roon server does not see audio endpoints in location 2 (neither hifiberry nor speakers of Mac or iPad)
Roon Arc does not allow me to play bit perfect music on hifiberry.

Btw Happy New Year.

And thank you for the link. Looks that thread mainly cover what Arc is doing - plying music on mobile phone. I see still ongoing discussion about other devices.

If you keep reading that thread, and you search for those who are working on site-to-site, you’ll see that the requirements are similar. In fact, as far as I understand it, unless you’re using arc, this is the only way to achieve your goal. It’s not supported by Roon, and means getting their networking to work across subnets.

@Nathan_Wilkes Thank you.

Simply I cannot play bit perfect (Hugh res) music from Roon on my hifiberry via ARC.

Btw Happy New Year!

Hm I have Setup my WireGuard on my Unraid Server and there you can set several connection profiles for the peers and the one you want is „remote tunnelled access“

You can read about them in this thread: