One PC for JRiver and Roon?

Is it possible for both Roon and Jriver to run concurrently on a single PC so long as adequate hardware is provided? I would prefer to use that PC as the Roon endpoint and server as well.

I may add an additional PC in the future but I want to see if Roon is a good move for me first. I’m a long time JRiver user and also stream video from my PC so I plan on keeping it for the foreseeable future.

Thanks in advance -

I have JShiver and Roon running on the same NUC. I don’t use JShiver for music, just for movies.

Not sure about concurrency ( in the sense of both producing output at the same time?), but I would think it would be OK if you were just using their respective Server programs and sending respective streams to a Roon endpoint and a JShiver client.

If you want to play music in both Roon and JShiver concurrently on the same machine (not sure why one would want to do that, or how) that might be a problem, as both will want control of the output.

Didn’t you try it? Can’t hurt anything.

Ditto here, my main pc is i7, 16gb ram, plus ssd then 4x hdd

Runs Roon And JRiver, like above it’s rareley concurrent, I use Roon for music, JRiver for video so it’s one at a time

My guess as long as there is enough grunt it will be fine. They don’t interfere with each other for sure


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yeah I’d concur as I have both on my desktop PC and they co-exist no issues.

Thanks everyone -
I should have been more precise in stating my intent. I intend to use only one at a time, JRiver for video and Roon for music.
My concerns are:
1 . Two servers will be active.
2. Both will want to use the audio output and they may be defined as different devices in the Windows audio devices. JRiver allows the device to be specified so it dose not care that much what the currently chosen out put is in Windows. I’m not sure about Roon.
3. Are there other issues I may encounter?

Two servers will be active - no problem at all for Win
Are there other issues I may encounter? - No
Both will want to use the audio output - if not the same it’s OK (at the moment my JRMC24 and Roon are playing simultanousely to two different ASIO drivers)

All said just do it

Thanks everyone!

I have JRiver server running, Roon running, DiVX server running and Logitech Media Server running all at the same time and loading when Windows boots and have no glitches or issues with any of them running at the same time. As you have seen from the prior posters they have had no issues with this and I can report I have had none as well. I am using a workstation with dual Xeon processors but they are older quad-core ones, nothing too new at all, on a Windows 7 machine.