One Pi, Two Dacs, Two Airplay Zones?

Hi. I have my RoPieee (Pi4B) connected to two USB Dacs (Dragonfly Red, Modi 2 Multibit) to power two Roon zones. For my wife, who uses Airplay, I would like to have them appear as two Airplay zones. So far the Airplay zone associated with my Pi is defaulting to the Modi, and the Dragonfly gets no signal. Would there be any way to configure both devices to appear as separate Airplay zones? Otherwise I have to add another Pi, which is an expensive Airplay Zone. Thank you in advance!

I’m not sure, but I don’t think so, because it’s the RoPieee that shows up as an airplay device.

I just tested it by plugging my Dragonfly into my RPi4 that also has my Meridian Prime connected. Airplay did not connect from my phone until I unplugged the Dragonfly. But, maybe there is something I am not doing correctly. For US$77, I would build another RPi4.

I think Jim might be right, now that I think more about it…you can select usb or hat. There used to be an auto setting but I guess 2 usb dacs might be a challenge now…I will try later after coffee :coffee:

No you can’t. The Airplay service is dedicated to only one output only.

That’s why I say build another for $77, an easy solution. I guess I already said that.

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Thanks @Jim_F. Yes, i will add an other Pi for simplicity.

Out of curiosity @spockfish, when there are two USB devices connected, how does RoPieee decide which to use as the Shairport device? Or, is it possible for the user to select that somehow?

You would set them up as different end-points in Roon, but not sure that works unless wired.

Roon bridge is at play here for roon defined endpoints/zones airplay is another mechanism entirely that ropieee has added to the mix, as is sportily and upon etc