One single file out of 35,000 failing to import into Roon library

I have one file (flac 24/352.8) which fails to import, with the reported reason: ‘failed to extract tags’. This is the 3rd movement of a Bruckner Symphony, and the other files in the album import without problem. The problem file will play in other music players with info from the metadata showing; the metadata also looks fine in the Yate metadata editor.

The 3rd movement lasts for over 40 minutes, so the file is large (2.21gb), but I could upload it to Dropbox if anyone from Roon Support would be willing to look at it.

My setup is RoonServer on a Windows 10 Pro PC with 6900k processor, the music files are on fast USB drives. I use iPad, iPhone and MacBook as remotes.

Hoping you can help.


Hi Craig,

I wonder if the problem is because the file is over 2GB in size, let’s drop a tag for @support to follow up with you.
I’d suggest you do upload it DropBox as I suspect the Roon guys will wish to take a look at it.

Thanks. I’ll upload it. It can’t be the size per se that is the problem as I have larger files that import with no problem.


Yup, we’d be happy to take a look @Peregrino. Thanks!

Thanks Mike. Can you please give me an address to send the link to?

You can post it here, or PM it to me. Thanks!