One(?) song not imported

Hi folks,

new user, trying to follow instructions.

background: after importing entire iTunes library, I did a search to see what the results looked like and by shear luck (good or bad?), found that a song was not imported. This is the weird part. I looked for 1985 because it’s s short search term. I thought one hit would come up: Bowling For Soup. It didn’t. The song is from the Bowling for Soup Album “A Hangover You Don’t Deserve”. 1985 was NOT present in the iTunes folder. So that explains why 1985 wasn’t in Roon. But the song “Almost” (from the same album) was in the iTunes folder and was not in Roon. No tracks were listed in the Library/Skipped Files log. To be clear, the band “bowling for soup” is not in Roon and neither the album “a hangover you don’t deserve” nor the song “Almost” are in Roon.

Roon version: 1.4 Build 300 64 bit
Mac Book Air OS X El Capitan 1.7GHz Intel core i7 8GB
Music stored on external 1TB drive (Mercury Elite) connected with USB cable
Roon reports 749 albums, 8357 tracks
path to song Mercury Elite named “itunes Drive”/iTunes Music/Bowling for Soup/A Hangover You Don’t Deserve/01 Almost.m4p

I copied the file to dropbox:

It’s not clear to me exactly how I would go about comparing my iTunes database to the Roon database to see if other tracks are missing. I was surprised to see no files listed in Skipped Files.

cheers, John

Hi John,

m4p tracks are Apple copy protected (DRM) and aren’t supported by Roon. You will need to convert them to format that Roon supports.

You might want to search your iTunes library for other files with the m4p file extension.

Cheers, Greg

aha, THANK YOU for this info. I’m sorry I didn’t notice that before. I am currently scanning all my music files on one computer vs music files on music server. I will certainly make a note of it.

Happy Sunday night,

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