One storage location not updating in real time on QNAP

QNAP TS253B ( firmware) with 1.7 (build 667) stable Roon software

Linksys router, cabled

Two Raspberry Pi’s with Ropieee

I have three storage locations my NAS that are being scanned. One or two days ago (after an update I believe) there’s one storage location that is not updating in real time anymore. I can force rescan and it will respond to the changes in the directories, but it stopped doing it automatically (both with removing as adding files). I tried removing the storage in Roon and add it again, but it didn’t solve the problem. The other two storage locations do work like they should. It’s very strange.

Did some testing and found out it has something to do with root level folders. My Roon NAS structure is as follows:


First two folders work properly, the last one doesn’t. Now when I pick a subfolder of Mixes, it does work like it should (and did before). So the workaround (at least for this type of NAS) is to create an extra subfolder in each root folder, move all files to that folder, and direct Roon to it.

Maybe this helps.

Hello @Tjarko_Busink, and thanks for your reports! I have discussed this and similar threads with our team and we’d like to open an investigation into this issue. Could you please force a rescan of the main folder and reply here with a timestamp (in your local time) when you do? From there, I’ll enable diagnostics and create a report for the team. Thanks!

0:54 (27-10-2020)

Force rescan is working btw, but I assume you know that?

I’m on the verge of migrating my NAS but I’m sure I’ll get it working tomorrow for more tests.

OK migration was done successfully. I can test stuff again.

Did another test at 22:51 (28-10-2020) with a test root folder (/Web)

Hi @Tjarko_Busink,

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage and point out the one that ? These are all local folders, not from the network, correct?

How many tracks are in your library total?

All local yes, all folders are working correctly except for my test folder Web (which is a root folder of my NAS). I created a new folder (Mixes) in Mixes to make it work.

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