One track of Terje Pypdal album does not appear in POOM

Hi, after ripping CD Terje Rypdal Vossabrygg the title track VOSSABRYGG does not appear in ROON.
I have tried ripping in different formats - didn´t help.

Any hint would be appreciated.



Hey @Volkmar_Sitte,

There are several reasons why a track might not appear in Roon. We have some great documentation about Skipped Files and why some files might not appear in Roon. I definitely recommend checking those articles out, it will likely point you on the right path.

In general, a great first place to look is Settings > Library > Skipped Files. If the track is here there should be a reason listed for it’s inability to be imported.

Additionally, I would look to see if maybe the file was imported but not included in the album. You can do this by filtering by path on the track browser.