One Ubuntu Core - Two User Profiles


Apologies if this is a common question, I couldn’t find it in the search.

I’m a happy user of Roon 1.3. I run an Ubuntu Roon Core with my main audio zone being a MacPro in my office. The Roon Core also manages my Tidal connection.

My other half has been looking at my Roon setup with envious eyes, and I’d like to get her setup. Let’s call her Candy.

Is it possible to to support the following with a single Roon Core and single Roon licence?

  • Ubuntu server runs Roon and has both music libraries.
  • I get served the slice of my library with my Tidal account via my Roon User Profile
  • Candy gets the slice of her library with her own Tidal account via her Roon User Profile
  • Happy to separate the libraries on the Roon Core via folder structure if that helps

Essentially, I want to use a single core (and licence) to serve separate local libraries alongside separate Tidal accounts

Can I do this?

If not short of building a new core, what are the compromises on the ideal?


If you go into Overview, upper left is a button called New Profile. You can set that up with Candy’s name and her preferences. You can then favourite all her music in that profile and she should then be able to get to it without fighting through a pile of your music.

I don’t think that you can have separate Tidal accounts running, but Candy can have her own profile and if you have separate music folders it wouldn’t be a problem to tag Candy’s music so she could focus on her music and you could do the same allowing you to focus on your music.

Tidal albums can also be tagged if you really wanted to split these out but it may take a while swapping accounts over to get them into Roon.

As noted the limitation for you will be the tidal account is defined one time…I have the same issue…so for mobile use my wife uses her own tidal (family member) account, and I use the main one on my portable devices, but roon uses mine only…it’s easy enough with the profiles to pick and choose your faves in tidal when you want them…add to the library and I assume favorite in roon should do the trick.

Someone correct me if I am wrong.