One user with more libraries

Is there any possibility to get more than one library for one user and profile ?
Background Music playing while having dinner with friends (Lounge, chill Jazz etc) is different than music playing for Christmas time or music playing when listening more intensely but everything is mixed up in one big Library; but I don’t want to get suggestions and information and new releases for Lounge Jazz or Christmas Music but make me suggestions for Beethoven or Pink Floyd etc.
Get different Libraries for one user is that possible ?

Short answer is no, not without a lot of ad hoc file renaming, etc…

Three ways to accomplish what you want -

!. Segregate music into different storage locations and enable/disable as approriate.
2. Tags
3. Focus combined with Bookmarks

#2 and #3 won’t help with this.

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Many thanks for your answer.

Having separate Music Storage does work; I keep my Holiday music in a separate watched folder that I can disable during the rest of the year. (Note, this includes albums which others may not consider Holiday but I do).