One user's problems (& success) migrating to ROCK

I just migrated a Windows 10 Roon Core to ROCK on a NUC. Problems arose only in what I thought would be routine.

Thanks to the thorough and clear documentation, it was simple to change the NUC’s BIOS and to install ROCK. The snags came in migrating my library.

Backing up to a USB flash drive did not work at first. Finally, I got it to work (seemingly by adding a /Backup folder), but Roon did not recognize the backup when it was time to restore. So used my NAS to backup and restore – very smooth.

At that point, I thought I was done. However, Roon did not recognize my music directories (Settings > Storage), I think because of case-sensitivity under Linux. I edited the paths, and Roon wound up reprocessing every file. It eventually came out OK, so I’m happy.

I do think it would be good for Roon Labs to fix the backup issue if they can duplicate it. Perhaps the issue was that Windows formatted the (large) flash drive as exFAT?