One year passed, art cover by file still not work

I used roon for about a month and turned to Jriver last year. Because roon’s meta management was A DISASTER.

I have some albums that i edited from itunes, one album may have different covers according to file, aka, the cover is stored at file’s metadata. EG: I have Album A and Album B and I merged them together to Album C in itunes. Now when I play Album C, I can only see the album art from Album A, even though I am playing songs from album B. The album cover just loaded once, and will not read from file again.

Over a year passed, today I use roon again, I still found it could not support cover by file. Any other music management softwares get this, it can show different album cover according to file’s meta data. BUT ROON DOES NOT. Feel extremely disappointed for such an expensive software cannot achieve a basic function.


Hi there, i have the same issue, and i hope its done already?


I think this is inconsistent with Roon’s object oriented data model, where an album is not just metadata of a track but is itself an object, and only has a single designated album art image. You would have to move them to separate albums.

The solution is to keep album A and B separate, then create a playlist with the two.

Hardly “A DISASTER” by the way…

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Well the model needs to be modified. Albums are outdated. Basing your model on an outdated concept is not optimal. Roon need to look forward rather than backward. It does this very well in most things - just not this

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Well, I too would love to see a lot more flexibility in this. However, I would bet that the vast majority of Roon users would totally disagree that “Albums are outdated.” I mean, so are most Roon users, myself included.

I wonder what the age demographic is for those opinions.

Albums were “the thing” for maybe 50-60 years, so you have multiple generations that think of music in the album format.

You young bucks can wait your turn for single- or playlist- oriented paradigms. We won’t be around forever.

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I am 63 … i know you oldies in your 70s and 80s feel that way

I’m a young whipper snapper, but I like to listen to ALBUMS - from beginning to end - in the intended track order. Random Pink Floyd tracks popping up in a playlist is a musical crime of the first degree.


Heh, that’s funny. I’m 54 but I feel really old. Maybe that’s because so many icons have been dying lately. Not enjoying watching the 20th century die as I feel firmly rooted in it.

OK back to music. Stoner metal makes me feel younger…