Ongoing issues with Audio Device identification

Core Machine

Dell i5-4570 3.20GHz, 32.0 GB ram, Windows 10 64bit, Roon 64bit installed, currently 1.8 build 795.

Network Details

Asus RT-AC68U, hard connection to core machine above, and a hard connection to one Roon Bridge, and a wifi to the other.

Audio Devices

To keep it simple (leaving out the iphone, ipad, and dell laptop - for testing purposes didn’t use them at all) I have two RoPieeeXL roon bridges both with khadas tone boards.

Library Size

141000 tracks

Description of Issue

I like Roon, and really want it to work for me - there is so much about it that is far beyond every other music management application. I did the trial, dealt with a lot of crashing (looking at the logs it was due to something Roon didn’t like about specific files, so I quarantined them), and started with a month-to-month subscription. I had it installed on a central server, and the import had settled down and things seemed good. Unfortunately I ran into the ntdll.dll issue many people experienced and it was crashing multiple times a day. I let my subscription lapse, waited a bit (1.8 had only just come out), and just resubscribed (for a month). Happy to say, the ntdll.dll problem is gone, not though I don’t have any audio devices available for selection. When I go to “Audio” in settings, my two RobieeeXL’s are listed and I have enabled and configured them. If I reboot either, they drop from the list, then reappear. They are both updated to the current versions. Regardless, neither show up when I click “Manage Audio Devices”. When I select “About” from setting, both are also listed, saying I have the latest versions. Roon definitely sees them. But selecting is not an option.

Not to complicate the issue, but starting Roon on other devices will occasionally result in one of the bridges showing up for selection, but never both and never the device I started (iphone - 2020 se, ipad - mini, or laptop Dell Windows 10).

My latest log file is nothing but Debug: NotifyCorruptZoneDatabases and Error: [transport] emptying out corrupt zone database. What can I do to reset the zone database or clear out the incorrect records? I have tried deleting each audio item and doing a re-setup.

The one thing I haven’t done is completely uninstall and reinstall (large library, would like to avoid if possible). Is that my only option?

Thanks for any help you can offer and sorry, I know this is a repeat of a number of other threads.

Hello @Paul_Eichorn,

Thank you very much for posting about the issue(s) you’ve ran into and for your patience while we returned to work after the weekend.

I’m sorry you’ve been dealing with intermittent issues and, despite those, you’re still hanging on to Roon :heart: . We’d love to help sort this out.

As you’ve already tried a few troubleshooting steps, I’m looping in our technical team so they can take a closer look and make suggestions for next steps :nerd_face: .

Thanks very much for getting back to me! I decided that since the fault seemed to be in the database zone records there was little chance I was going to be able to keep my prior settings and imported files when uninstalling/reinstalling. Over the weekend I did a complete uninstall and reinstall.

The audio zones now all show up correctly on both the settings list page as well as in the zone select list. Re-importing my library got hung up on some different files that had worked prior (mostly older m4a files), but I moved those out of the library and the majority imported correctly (98% at least). Since then (three days now), no crashes, and running stable on all my devices.

My issues seem to be addressed, which is great. I guess my only final thing would be a request for an option to “reset” or “purge” the zone records, thereby avoiding the need to do the complete uninstall and reinstall. Other than that I’m good to go. Thanks again!

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Hello @Paul_Eichorn,

It’s so good to hear back from you :nerd_face:

Your weekend sounds so productive! Thank you for making the effort to go through all those steps and to find a solution that works :partying_face:

Please, don’t hesitate to reach back out when you have questions. It’s our pleasure to help :slight_smile: