Onkyo DP-X1 & Tidal MQA & Roon

Hi there, I am on a 14 day trial for Roon and the reason this is of interest to me is a potential way to use my Tidal subscription and the currently provided MQA files on my Onkyo player. This is not supported by the Tidal app for Android directly. Also it is not possible to use the DP-X1 as a USB DAC. I wonder if there is a way to use Roon android app, a Mac Desktop as Roon Core, in order to get the Onkyo to play MQA quality files from Tidal. Any one has a solution for this? Alternatively I will just get an MQA DAC separately, but I am intrigued by Roon’s library services. If I get the MQA sorted I would be hooked…

Many thanks,

Only way to play MQA on DP-X1 is to buy MQA music or wait for Tidal to make there mobile Apps MQA . I jumped the gun on the ONYKO DP-X1 not really to happy with it.

Is the MQA/Tidal issue the only reason you are unhappy with the DP-X1?

It appears the you can now play MQA on Tidal’s mobile apps. I just picked up a used DP-X1A for when I’m on the go and tested out some Tidal Master albums in my car compared to the same album from Tidal on my iPhone. No comparison. I’m extremely happy with my DP-X1A

That has now happened. https://tidal.com/masters