Onkyo P3000R USB connected

Hi, after reading so much about RPI USB output in this section I thought let’s try if that works on my Onkyo P3000R also. This pre-amp has build in separate TI Burr-Brown 192kHz/32-Bit Dacs (PCM 1975) for L/R channels. Also Asynchronous USB input enables playback of high-resolution audio files from computers, special drivers required. I have 3 RPI’s with Allo en HifiBerry hats in use, so I ordered another RPI 3B + installed it with Ropieee, no hat, plugged the USB cable in switched the P3000R on and the Onkyo showed up in Roon. Ofcourse you can only control the volume on the Onkyo, it has a remote control so that’s no problem. It took me 5 years to find out thanks to the USB/Ropieee threads, THANK YOU.

A cheap solution and it sounds very OK to me compared to the Allo Boss version 1.2 and even to my Auralic Aries Mini.

Let the music play!!!

Cheers John.


I assume you running roon Bridge on the RPi, but did you need to, I’m still new and trying to understand how everything hooks together, looking at the doc it looks like you could just directly connect the P3000R up via USB?

Roon supports many different kinds of output devices, including:

  • Roon Ready Networked devices.
  • Connected outputs, including USB DACs, sound cards, and built-in outputs

Hi, you can connect the P3000R directly to a PC or Mac. I am using the RPI wireless as a Roon endpoint so I can control it with my iPhone or iPad. In this way it’s included in my Roon eco system.

Cheers John