Only invoke headroom adjustment when there is up-sampling or down-sampling happening


In case up- or down-sampling is performed on a certain song, this forced for compatibility reasons or wanted for sound enhancement, it is very wise to enable some headroom adjustment to avoid any form of clipping.

However, I find it very annoying that the headroom adjustment is then done for everything you play, especially for formats were no re-sampling is done. In those cases, I would prefer that the stream is played “bit perfect”; this to avoid a deterioration of the sound due to the unnecessary “volume adjustment”.

As an example: If I set to re-sample 44.1 kHz PCM to DSD128 and 48 kHz PCM to 192 kHz PCM and the rest to their default; I would prefer that DSD64 is played as DSD64 without headroom adjustment, the same is applicable when I would play 192 kHz PCM as 192 kHz PCM.

Could be a simple switch here or there being added into the DSP settings?
Yes, I know that presets can be made inside the DSP; but for this kind of trivial problem, it would be nice to have something more automatic?


Kind regards,