Only one title shown per album

I get nuts - I search a song - for example hot sauce from Thomas Dolby. Find the sound play it. And afterwards there is NO WAY to see and play all songs of the album.
Any other people with this issue???
Not worth the money, really! Could have bought the album at amazon and get it delivered before roon can solve this issue - I fear

Hi @Heiko_Maacke,

  • GOTO the queue (or history) page.
  • Tap on the album cover.
  • Full album details including all tracks are shown.

From this page there are many playbacks options available.

Thanks, Carl, I have tried that. There indeed is the option fo go to the album. But if I do that - I only see the song that I had searched for before. It does though work with other albums… there I see all songs… Checked to correct album name as well. It is “aliens ate my buick”. Song is “hot sauce”. Really strange…

Tidal only has that one track for the album and it is MQA as I just checked the Tidal app itself. Maybe it is a regional thing, I have a UK sub.

Qobuz has the full album though.


I have a local copy (great album btw), so when I checked of course all was well with that.
I’ll look it up on Tidal now.

thank you for your answers - indeed it is not in TIDAL anymore like some other tracks I am interested in. Qobuz has all of them.