Only show Tidal

Does anyone know how to show only the albums that I have that are not on Tidal?

The Main Albums has two sections for an artist: one section for albums I have (that Tidal may or may not have) and another for albums Tidal has but I don’t.

I’d like to see them as one Main Albums list. Is that possible?

Use Album search , hit focus and choose Inspector, then Storage locations, Tidal Library. Then at top of screen you will see +Tidal Library hit the + to chance to a -, heres mine

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Adding to @CrystalGipsy’s reply, you can then save this view to a Bookmark for easy access.

Thanks for this. Does this show only the Tidal albums I have saved? I removed my local hard drive library so the album search no longer works.

In my case above it’s just showing local music. If you set + Tidal Library it will just show Tidal.

Thanks. I think it only shows Tidal albums that I’ve saved to my library. I’d like to search the whole of Tidal

The only workaround I can think of here is to go into Settings > Storage and disable your local storage (click on ) and use the Search :mag: in the top right corner.