Ooh--here's a fun little bug I found

One of the really cool things about Tidal, especially via Roon, is that it allows classical fans the opportunity to directly compare the same works by different artists: Let’s listen to the first few bars of the Schumann Piano Trio No. 2, first by the Florestan, then by the Beaux Arts, and so on. Compare tempos, attacks, how the recordings sound, and so on.

So imagine my surprise when, upon switching from the Florestan to the Beaux Arts after just a few bars, Roon started me off in the second movement of the new performance. Then, when I went to yet another performance after a few bars of that second movement, Roon started me off with the third movement.

So somehow, presumably to do with the fact that these tracks and works have the same name, when I switch from one performance to the other, it moves the counter forward, or fails to return it back, or something.

Hope this is helpful.


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I am not sure I understand the “bug” you are observing, but the ability to queue-up alternate performances of works is amazing and something I hadn’t thought of doing until you pointed this out. Thanks for the suggestion, this looks very cool!

Well, hopefully the Roon folks WILL understand my bug report. Cheers.

Hello @Jim_Austin,

Thanks for the report, I think I can reproduce the behavior you are talking about. I don’t know why this is happening, let me discuss this with the team. I’ll post an update here.

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