"Open file location" link in "View file info" screen also on non "full Roon" Windows installs

After starting from scratch with both Core and GUI on the same Windows machine (music files residing on a NAS) the “Open file location” link has disappeared from the “View file info” screen.
It used to be there previously when I had the “full Roon” installed. After having had performance issues (see Applying library settings taking several days after Core migration), I decided to go with a separate installation of, first RoonServer and, secondly the Roon GUI.
But both are still installed on the very same Windows machine. Why then can’t I use this “Open file location” link anymore? It is such a fuss having to copy the file path to the clipboard first and then start a new windows explorer and then navigate to the desired folder!

From a reaction by @dylan I learned that this behaviour is by design. So herewith I propose to change this behaviour so that the “Open file location” link will also appear in the “View file info” screen whenever a user has decided to NOT install the “full Roon” but instead has installed a Roonserver first and a Full Roon later of which then only the Control (GUI) is used. For me at least the latter setup has helped to cure some performance issues with a Full Roon install that used its own core. Others in the community had suggested I do this, so I assume that I’m not the only one having such a “split” setup.
See also Applying library settings taking several days after Core migration