Open GL3 error at startup

Gettin a Open gl3 display drivers error ar start up after using Roon
For many hours.
Reloaded the soft ware. Did reboots etc restored a working version etc.
Running a Mac mini with 16 gigs of ram an exogal DAC an lacie 6tb FireWire hard drives.
Down loaded Roon yesterday to try before I bought a box after an excellent demo at one of your dealers. This is not encouraging
Running Mac high Sierra

Hello @Christopher_Seiffe,

Thanks for contacting support regarding this issue. Can I please ask you to post a few screenshots of your Apple menu -> About This Mac page and System Report page? These screenshots should look as follows:

System Report - Please navigate to the Graphics/Displays on this page:

Please let me know this info when possible.


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Macmini or any Mac with FireWire ports are likely to be pretty old now unless you are using thunderbolt adapters.

Bought a box of what might I ask?

I upgraded to Mojave and presto fixes.
I am running my drives with thunderbolt.
The box I refer to is the nucleus; the name escaped me when I sent my inquiry.
Thanks for the help and the turnaround time.
Good software so far.

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