"open in new tab" feature request

so here is my case:
I’m using roon radio and something interesting is played (wich is a good thing!)
If I now open this Album or the artist I have a hard time going back to the original radio playlist.
Most of the times, the album I clicked on isn’t worth any further action. Going back to the original radio playlist is impossible (or Im too stupid which is likely)
Why not offer a “open in new tab” option like in Chrome? If it’s crap, I close the tab and go back to the original list.
Thank you.
Please move this to the approbiate place. This forum is too much for me.

Have a nice day!


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yes.it would be great.

I allways used tabs a lot in MM and Qobuz browser player for many reasons.

Agreed. Please add this feature!

Just select your queue and you will be right back to your playlist.

I do this all the time working through a playlist then checking out artists/ albums from it and then right back to the playlist via the queue button.

This is the queue button in case you are unsure:

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I know this queue thing. This is a workaround for me because all the titles are added to my original queue wich I don’t want. But thank you.


Today I had the same old problem. I’m listening to a playlist. I want to hear some tracks in between and I want to return to my old playlist. On the Interwebs I just “open in a new tab”. I had this playlist on “shuffle” so there is no “queue”. This ist really frustrating. How do you people handle this?

There’s always a queue not sure what you mean

There is, but you need to do a bit of work if you want to resume a playlist. First, go to your queue and you’ll see the following, immediately before the tracks you started playing in the middle of your playlist.

Click on expand, and it will show you the shuffled list you originally created, as follows:

Once you’ve done that you need to click on the track you want to resume playing from but, counter intuitively, you need to click on the blank area to the right of the album image and artist and track details. Once you do that you’ll see a Play from Here button …

It’s a convoluted mess, but it does get you back to where you wanted to be.


Thank you. It’s a mess indeed. I want the “new tab” feature :joy:

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