Open Mesh and Roon

When I first started with Roon, I had a Wireless mesh by OpenMesh. I quickly ran in to problems with Roon in Android. All of my android devices keep having issues disconnecting and unable to reconnect again and the only thing that would fix it was a reboot of my phone or tablet. After some long drawn out trouble shooting and the awesome help of Roon Support (Thanks @mike and @Eric!) , I found out that open mesh when in mesh mode was creating significant latency and it was becoming unstable… I switch my open mesh from mesh to hardwired and all of my issues where resolved… After some time I wanted to get wireless again in my backyard, Today I reactivated one of the AP’s on mesh mode and had issues again… In all this today my LG-V10 died… I decide to replace my phone with a One Plus and now everything is fine! I found that the latency that I was seen between my phones and my roon server was caused by the damn phone and tablets them self in combination with mesh.
My tablet? To the trash. Its too old! LOL

I also learned that LG V10 and Roon just don’t get along… At least the one I had. One Plus 1, 2, and 3 all did just fine.
Through out this whole fiasco my iPhone and Mac had 0 issues. Way to go android… Ugh…


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