OpenGL Error message on remote

Hi @nuwriy,

Next I will try with interaction when using remote desktop function. I am using that often from my Surface Book2 to connect to my Roon Core PC, which is a multipurpose PC.

What I had noted since long is that when Roon Core software is closed, I cannot open it from remote, whilst all the other software I have tried can be opened from remote.

Trying to open Roon Core from Remote Desktop is leading to following warning and Roon not opening. I have to physically go to the Roon Core PC to open Roon Core software.

I thought I would share this in case it is not normal.

I will do further testing later on and report.

Hello @mevh, thanks again for the detailed notes! That gives me a pretty clear picture of what you’re experiencing. So if I follow you correctly, no issues using the Surface Book 2 since the reinstall? It’s not erasing icons or failing to display tags?

Also, for the OpenGL error, are you saying that you ONLY get that through the remote desktop function? I have attempted to reproduce this with Chrome Remote Desktop and have had no issues. I’d recommend:

  1. Going to the GPU’s manufacturer website, updating to the latest drivers, reboot, try again.
  2. If this continues, what remote desktop software are you using?

@nuwriy, @mevh - this is a known issue with RDP and Open GL.


Great thanks! This is a minor issue for me, but good to know it is expected and there could be a work around either using the solution proposed or using another software.

Teamviewer, Ive used in the past. Now I use splashtop.

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