OpenGL error on update to 196 (?)

I was using a Windows laptop for the first time in a few days, and got an update all message.
I got a failure message. Roon wouldn’t start. When I started it separately, it started without complaint and About shows that both this laptop and the server are running build 196.

Weird. That suggests that Roon was talking to a graphics driver that was missing that support during startup when it probed.

Is there any remote desktop type stuff happening on this machine? I know the virtual GPU used by MS RDP doesn’t do OpenGL and can provoke errors like this. Weird that it started right back up.


I have used RDP (to the NUC) from this laptop. Since the most recent boot, perhaps. It wasn’t active at this time. It is conceivable that it left OpenGL in a bad state that was cleared out by the Roon attempt…?

The mysteries of software.