OpenGL startup error

Core Machine (W10, latest everything)

Like many people, I run Roon on a headless server, which I access using Remote Desktop. I haven’t had this problem for some time now, but it happened today after Roon and Windows updates on the same day. When Roon tries to load, it aborts, complaining that I haven’t got OpenGL drivers. There is no problem if I restart the server locally, but it won’t do so remotely.

There is a good chance that the Windows update messed something up that was previously working for you. As OpenGL is related to your GPU, make sure that you use the latest driver (from the GPU manufacturer if possible). Also note that there were reported problems in the past when using Remote Desktop because it not provides full support of GPU functionality. Using Remote Desktop is not a supported way to access the Roon GUI.

You can try to use other RC products like for example VNC or TeamViewer.

Roon Server doesn’t come with a GUI. You can use it instead of the complete Roon if a headless server is your goal.

FAQ: How do I move my library over to RoonServer? How do I run headless?

The may windows updates blatted graphics drivers.

If you are using Windows Remote Desktop it has always been flaky. Use Teamviewer instead.

Hello @Nick_Cassidy, just checking in to see if the GPU update helped, please let me know!

I haven’t tried any of the suggestions here yet, I’ll move to roon server when I get around to it.

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