OpenVPN Revisited

NB: I know that Roon does not yet officially support accessing the core from a different network than the one that the core shares with the other Roon devices. But I also know that you know that some users have gotten remote access to the core through a VPN. :smile: I’d like to discuss OpenVPN here for anyone who’s interested.

TL;DR - I can’t get OpenVPN to connect to my Roon core once I am overseas, even though I can connect to it from my mobile phone over my cellular network domestically. NB: appropriate data plans for roaming cellular networks and proper wifi connections are always available to me overseas. So why no connection from abroad?

I used to have foreign-country VPN access to the Roon Core (hereafter just called Roon) with a standard Windows VPN connection when my since-replaced router was in use. The router didn’t support OpenVPN, so it wasn’t easy to get a reliable pipeline into Roon from a remote network, but I did it.

My new router (Linksys) does support OpenVPN and I can connect to it literally from anywhere in the world (field tested!). Once connected to the router and with the appropriate Windows Firewall rules in place, I can access the file shares on my Windows 10 box through the OpenVPN connection.

Prior to leaving the country on my last 2 trips, I tested OpenVPN access to Roon from my mobile phone using OpenVPN over my provider’s cellular network. It worked both times. Once in my hotel overseas, though, I couldn’t connect via computer or phone to Roon. I could always connect to the file shares from anywhere, so I know OpenVPN can access the router and through the router I can access my PC no matter where I am, from phone or PC.

Upon my return to the States the first time, Roon had shut down on its own at some point. Okay, mystery solved there (except for why Roon shut down in the first place!). Upon my most recent return, Roon greeted me with an “Update Available” message superimposed over the album browser. Would/Could a pending update disrupt the network connection to Roon? If not, then why can’t I connect to Roon from an overseas wifi or cellular network using OpenVPN when OpenVPN lets me connect in the States?

Reading about the possibility to connect to Roon core through OpenVPN I want to give it a try.

I connected my Mac with Tunnelblick through a Linksys router providing OpenVPN to the remote network. I can ping the remote host but Roon can’t find the core on the remote Mac even as it is set up to accept remote connections and I disabled all firewalls (Mac, DiskStation, Linksys).

What else to try? Thanks!

so, i’ve missed maybe the content of the post.
anyway, i can report that i can connect remotely to my roon core (on a windows machine) and play music with no problem.

openVPN has to be configured in a bridged mode.
in general, i have some problems with the firewall: i have not got the correct firewall rules, yet. but, with the firewalls disabled, it works great.

i hope in any case that roon staff will develop a native way for remote access…