Opera - An introduction needed - I know nothing beyond the highlights on compilation discs

Yes libretti are easy enough to find - just google “marriage of figaro libretto English Italian”. Here’s one


If you have qobuz, many times the libretto is available with the album and Roon can show it. Also I believe that the Metropolitan opera are doing free streams in these times, but you could also buy a week or a months subscription and watch at your leisure with subtitles. Which reminds me, there is a famous Jonathon Miller production of The Marriage of Figaro that I have never seen which is available from the Met, so I shall watch that this week.


And now for something a little different:

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Missed this one

Try Wagners Ring , guaranteed to confuse for the first 100 listens

You could always try Klingon Opera I am sure Worf could recommend a few

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The Ring Cycle is definitely at the back of the queue along with Vogon poetry.

As an update, we have found that my wife definitely DOESN’T like opera. Despite liking music sung with overblown histrionics in a foreign language. (Greek pop songs)
She likes some arias but not the whole thing.

It can make a difference if you are watching it. I have several friends who will gladly go to/watch an opera, but won’t listen to one.

We watched but no go :slight_smile: