Opera and categorization in Tidal

I’ve come across some oddities in how complete operas are grouped in Tidal/Roon.

as an example, try searching for Maria Callas, and in Tidal, roon shows Callas albums gouped under “Main Albums” Singles, EPs, and Compilations", and lastly “Appearances”.

under Main Albums, there are complete opera recordings of Andrea Chenier, Forza, Tosca, Gioconda…as well as recital albums, opera highlights (Norma) and various compilations (Romantic Opera).

under singles, EPs, Compilations, one finds additional complete operas, including the complete Norma from which the above highlights disc is drawn, Puritani, Aida, Medea, as well as a host of recital and compilations discs.

Under Appearances, there are additional complete opera recordings, including Madam Butterfly, Barber, and Ballo, as well as some choral music, and further compilations, including a tribute to Margaret Thatcher.

so, what distinguishes a complete opera recording under Main Albums from one under Appearances, or Compilations?

and Callas isn’t the only problem- try searching Franco Corelli, Domingo, Pavarotti…it’s really quite a mess.