Opera and Classical Music on Roon

Hi Janet

I agree with Tony, I occasionally rant a bit especially when I’ve had a bad experience like my Box Set post

Bottom line is that any new software takes a bedding in period which is often frustrating, Roon is a good example

BUT the good bits outweigh the bad. 14 days is a very short trial period, you will barely have scratched the surface.

Before I plunged I had a couple of “extensions” to the trial but finally did the year thing as a big trial.

It’s not perfect but nothing is and it’s certainly the best I have seen and used lMHO

Hang in there and join the merry classical detractors, was it Einstein who said progress is only made by unreasonable people, total misquote I am sure but …


There is.

The Roon Knowlege Base has a wealth of information and is searchable.

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