Opera Consonance Reference 8 Player Roon Readyness "taken away"?

Hi there,

I bought an Opera Consonance Reference 8 Player last year which was Roon ready at the time of purchase and in the app the streamer is shown with “Studio Opera Reference 8 pro”.

I could switch to the manual of the player via the signal line (where the resolution chain is to be seen), but now it is shown as the Opera Consonance X5 and on roon’s website the player cannot be found anymore, just the X5 is displayed.

I wonder if the player will lose it’s roon readyness which would be a shame.

Thank you for your help and season’s greetings to you all.

Are you sure? According to my contact in Roon Labs, there’s nothing to suggest that it was ever certified or in the pipeline for certification.

And on the Consonance web site, there is no mention of it being Roon Ready in the specifications or in the owner’s manual…


thank you for yor quick response.

Yes I’m pretty sure. That’s why I bought the unit from the dealer. I was looking for a roon certified streamer as I have a lifetime subscription and the dealer did a demo for me.

I recall downloading the user manual in the roon software after buying the streamer.

Kind regards

So does your version of the manual say anything about being “Roon Ready”?

Be aware that many devices will work with Roon that have not been through the formal certification process for being Roon Ready or Roon Tested.

Thank you very much for your response. Will check the manual tomorrow.

Kind regards and merry christmas!