Operating temp XL

Standard 4Gb Pi4 1.4 running XL with UPNP bridge enabled with a Digi Pro hat. Doing nothing it runs at 65 C, running UPNP and hat no significant change. Older Rpi 3 with DAC Pro runs at 55C. Both original metal casings. Normal?

Yeah, pretty much. The Pi4 runs very hot, and need a cooling chassi for longevity.
The very first ones that was released ran even hotter, but even a newer Pi4 really requires a heatsink of sorts…

Yep, same here. Running since years w/o problems though.

These are mine, the first is a rpi4 rev 1.2 in a Flirc passive case and the second a rpi4 rev 1.1 with HAT and passive heatsinks in a HiFiBerry steel case

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Lots of detail here: https://github.com/raspberrypi/documentation/blob/develop/documentation/asciidoc/computers/raspberry-pi/frequency-management.adoc

The cpu is fine at up to 80/85 - at that temperature it will throttle back performance.

There is a quite a bit of thermal management in the cpu - so it starts reducing performance earlier to manage temperature.

Ropieee needs very little of the performance - so in general the you don’t need to worry.

The Pi can look after itself at those sort of temperatures, and even if it starts to throttle - Ropiee will likely work normally.

My temps at few of my ROPIEEEs - works flawless though…

Thanks folks. 65C is nothing to worry about I take from the responses. Added a larger heat sink that came from some other project and temp came down to 54C. Tinkering mind is now satisfied.


I found a tip somewhere to put the PI3/4 vertical as that is supposed to enhance the cooling…

Active ventilation/cooling?? Not possible for me as they are for my audio headphones system (all passive cooling)

Mine are all in Akasa RPi4 cases, passive cooling that works really well.

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There is also a firmware update that takes care of the pi4 temperatures. maybe this is not installed?

65 degrees is perfectly fine.

The names say it all, you‘re running them in your fridge, but in different zones therein…

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