Opinions between these two Roon playback sys- Kef LS50w vs NAD M10 with KEF LS50

Would love to hear which of these two considerations for a system purchase to work with my Roon core setup. Would like to first, know which of only these two choices is a better choice for SQ. Considering for Roon playback sources only, initially.

And secondly, if there is a somewhat equivalent (dollar cost and speaker size_) option you may consider instead.

Actually none of the two options is “Roon Ready” certified according to the Partner Devices Matrix. The LS-50w will likely never be, the NAD M10 maybe at some time in the future.
You can use the search function (top right) for others opinion about the two products and also directly check out the #audio-products:kef and #audio-products:bluos-nad-bluesound sub-forums here.

Thanks for the heads up I knew it would be good to ask before spending $$$. I did find the below about the Kef from their website. The NAD is said to have “no problem being found and used as a Roon endpoint…though thats a little unsettling


Have you looked at the Naim Uniti Atom? A tad more money than the Nad but Roon Ready and well reviewed. Looks smart too!

Hmm…have to look into.

You or anyone have thoughts, opinions on the two I listed ??

Kef ls50w is a fine little speaker, with some very very nice technical characteristics.

Being Wireless is truly convenient.

But it is a very very small speaker. No bass at all, of course you have to buy one sub for each speaker, and crossover is included to the speaker.

Even with 2 subs, a pair of these wonderful Kef’s, will not be able to play at reference level, and listening distance must be the minimum possible, i would suggest less than 2 m.

On axis response is not so great, but off axis is truly great, so you can place them on the wall, facing straight ahead, and not facing at you.

Some quantity of sound treatment on the walls is quite crucial, for smooth frequency response (of axis goes to the walls and then returns to you).

PS. Without sub’s, don’t even think to buy them.:crazy_face:

I have both. Love both without question, but have settles on NAD M10 and gave KEF LS50W to daughter. The design sensibilities of the M10 win out. Bluesound app is very good as well. NAD M10 to KEF R3 for rich sonics. NO ISSUES with Roon connectivity.

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Odd to hear this. I just got a passive set for a temporary system during lockdown, and I’m getting plenty of bass, even by the standards of my main speakers.

A test tone sweep gave me audible bass down to at least 39hz. So not sure if the wireless model is doing something to screw with this, or you have the DSP see weird.

Or perhaps they bass limit the wireless version?

I get as much bass as I realistically need in this small room.

In terms of hi-fi, speaker response is supposed to be 20Hz-20kHz.
You seem to loose the whole first octave…
If you don’t really care about Hi-Fi specs, there is no need to bother.

Very few people have the room and speaker combo that would go as low as 20hz. Most live with some sort of compromise.

Hifi can also be measured in resolution, special imaging, tonal accuracy, speed.

Frequency plot is not the only measure of Hifi. I’d also like you to point me in the direction of some music that has genuinely useful information below 32hz

Very few of us will ever accommodate or own speakers that will hit 20hz (I have, it’s not that impressive when you realise 99% of your music collection barely goes below 40). So chasing this goal at the expense of others seems misguided.

I repeat, for most domestic listening, the LS50 does not “need” a subwoofer.

I have had a pair of LS50’s and to me they where the biggest dissapointment in years, highly overrated. I would not consider buying them without a subwoofer either. I have tried to get some decent sound out of them and ended up stuffing the port and using them only as mid/high range from 300Hz on up with some decent woofers underneath (woofers, not heavy sluggish subwoofers). They have no subbass at all, totally absent. You’ll miss about 30% of playback quality.

Whereas I love my LS50. In a compact room 3x4m and driven by an amp capable of solid control at 4 ohms I get audible bass down into the low 40’s with some output still audible at 39hz.

I don’t find they miss anything worrying. They image beautifully, have superb driver integration and a clean open yet smooth top end. They seem essentially neutral with just a hint of elevation around the crossover point which doesn’t really exhibit itself as anything unpleasant in listening.

I only bought mine to tie me over while stuck in isolation with my main speakers in storage. But genuinely I’m interested in keeping them, that’s how much I’ve enjoyed. The plan was just to move them on next month when I get my main system back, but we shall See.

Yes for full range listening they could probably use a decent sub or two but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having them in my system and with most music I rarely notice the absence of extreme low bass.