Oppo 203 endpoint configuration

I currently use my Oppo 203 exclusively for movie watching via 5.1 dual HDMI (image/audio separately). However, I recently got a Roon subscription and would like to use it as an endpoint too. However, my 5.1 setup is not ideal for music.

I have a dedicated amp (PS Sprout 100) that I use for vinyl and stereo speakers and I can plug it to the 203 via RCA or Toslink.

  1. If I connect everything, Can I easily toggle between HDMI audio when watching movies and RCA/toslink audio for music?

  2. Do you recommend RCA or Toslink? If I use Toslink I guess I would bypass the 203’s DAC and use the PS Sprout’s one? Which would be better?


What DAC would you be using with toslink? The Sprout?

The internal DAC on the 203 is decent.

Try it both ways and let your ears be the judge.

The HDMI and RCA outputs will both be active all the time. I have an Oppo 203 and use HDMI out to a Bose system and RCA left and right to a pair of Sennheiser headphones. The Oppo 203 DAC can do 24/192.

I just turn off the Bose when using headphones.