Oppo 203 "Lost Control of Audio Device" Error

I have the same behaviour. Most of the time starting Roon to the oppo 203 I get the same error message. If I can be of any help in supplying additional info or test things out, let me know.

Hi Paul,

Thanks very much. I’m loving the Roon community, everyone is very helpful!


Hi @Paul_Hermans,

I have split your post into it’s own thread so we can better focus on this issue with regard to your setup. Can you let me know the following info?

  • Core model/manufacturer and version of Roon you’re using

  • Network setup details including router model/manufacturer and also model/manufacturer of other networking gear

  • How the Oppo is connected to the network and which type of output you’re using for the oppo (HDMI/Roon Ready/ect.)

  • If other zones in your setup display this behavior or if it’s just the Oppo


Core model/manufacturer:
Mac Pro (late 2013), Roon 1.6 build 416.

modem/router: FRITZ!Box 7530
but previously using an AirPort Extreme Base Station 2013 behind a b-box modem having the same issue.

Oppo connected: Wireless - 5 GHz

And it’s just the oppo, no other endpoints (DigiOne, USBridge) show this behaviour.

Hi @Paul_Hermans,

Can you please try connecting your Oppo via Ethernet and let me know if that changes anything with regard to this issue?

I see this intermittently with my OPPO 203 as well. The OPPO is pulling from a QNAP451+ [where the Core is located] over ethernet through a Netgear M4100 switch and then pushing over HDMI to a Pioneer SC-95.

Basically, it acts as though the pause button was pushed. I hit play and it starts up again.

That’s indeed a good description.

Will do and come back.

No diff. between wireless and cabled.

Hello @Paul_Hermans,

We are able to reproduce this behavior using the OPPO UDP-203 we have in-house. We will reach out to OPPO with our findings. This issue is being caused by code running on the OPPO, unfortunately there is nothing we can do to improve the behavior without their involvement.


OK, many thanks for this. Great service.

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