Oppo 203 Setup ? [Roon video output]

I was hoping to use my Apple TV to get Roon’s video on my TV Monitor…instead of the black screen I get now. A couple weeks ago someone posted a address that would allow that to happen but I never did get a copy of that…



Larry, you thinking of “TV : Remote “ App Store on Apple TV device?

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The Control4 tech was here today to update my remote; It’s been about 4 years since I had any updates. He said an Apple TV will AirPlay from my iPad to my Sony TV. Too bad I have a Roku. Not sure I’m going to pay again for them to come out and swap streaming boxes and then find out it will not work.

Thanks OffRode…I’ll check it out. I don’t want to control my Roon library from my Monitor, I use an iPad for that, but my Marantz Pre-Pro does put a very weak copy of the word MARANTZ across my monitor screen and it has burned in a bit. I don’t see it, thankfully when I watch TV though…


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Morning OffRode, Tired your suggestion… I get my Album art work alright,… it’s just that the input to my music is different than my input to my Apple TV…obviously cannot do both concurrently…Maybe I’ll call Marantz to see if they have a suggestion…Thanks!