Oppo 205 multi channel playback [Answered]

I am a very new user (only a couple of days). I have set up Roon to play files from my NAS to my Oppo and amp. My core is a laptop and all devices are connected via ethernet to my router. When I ask Roon to play a 5.1 file from the Nas, the output from the Oppo to my amp is 2 channel. The channel select in device setup is greyed out to 2 channel. I’m thinking this might be an issue with the Oppo. Is this correct?

check out this thread:

Gday Bear

Thanks for the prompt reply. I thought it had to be something to do with the Oppo, sad that this is the case. Maybe a future update will fix it if enough of us complain. Just as an aside my setup will play DSD/DSF files albeit only in stereo for my multichannel files.
Thanks again.
Cheers from down under, Bob.

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Robert, I know this is an old thread but I recently went through the same thing.

You’ve probably done this by now, but as a workaround, you can play those 5.1 files through your Oppo if you bypass Roon. Just use your Oppo remote and select the files on your Network (or do that with the Oppo app on a mobile device).

This is clearly an inferior workaround to having the Oppo play 5.1 within the Roon environment. It’s especially frustrating since clearly, the Oppo 203 & 205 are capable of playing 5.1 files served up via ethernet from a NAS. Just for some pointless reason they can’t do it within the Roon environment.