Oppo Sonica DAC is it Roon Ready?

Is Roon Ready also in the works for Oppo Sonica DaC?
Can anyone update me on this.

Ask Oppo–even if we knew the answer, it wouldn’t be our place to comment on what another company is working on or what their schedule is.

Oppo have stated that they are still investigating.

Any word on Sonica?

Any chance that the Sonica DAC will eventually be Roon Ready?

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This is latest position from OPPO regarding the Sonica Dac and Roon.

I contacted Oppo regarding MQA support for the Sonica and they told me the Sonica does not have enough processing power to do the full MQA decoding, which I find difficult to believe. They never answered my question about Roon support or the ability to choose digital filters, which you are able to do in the 205.

I am very disappointed in Oppo’s support for the Sonica DAC and told them so. They appear to be much more willing to add new features to their blu Ray players, while there hasn’ been a firmware update to th Sonica since May.

Write to them to express your feelings and what you want for the Sonica.

I contacted them as well. My response mirrors yours. Sad

I also wrote and told them that RR is a feature many of us would require in a device such as this - we’ll see what they say.

I doubt I will ever again buy a non Blu-Ray Oppo product, given how they have treated the Sonica.

Agreed, the Sonica Dac is my first Oppo product and is great sounding (I cannot knock that aspect), but support has been lousy at best.

I am now looking at the PS Audio DSD Dac as a replacement.

Santa brought one for Christmas… great sound, the Sonica streaming software is pretty rough… often says that it can’t play (the selected Tidal track) and tries to skip to the next track (sometime this will happen 20 + times i. A row)… I’ve never had an issue with Sonos, Tidal on the PC or Tidal on the IPad Pro…

It will have to go back… to bad, the hardware seems pretty sweet… of course Roon would be ideal!

I’ve been running my Oppo Sonica with a Ropieee Raspberry PI as my Roon Bridge. Sounds fantastic. The Ropieee RPI setup only costs $45 too.

I’ve given up on the Sonica. Frankly, the support has been lousy. Oppo acts like you are asking the impossible when you make a request.

My dealings with Oppo regarding their blu-ray players have been very good. The sonica is a whole different story.

I replaced the sonica with a pro-ject digital S2. I will never again buy another Oppo product.

Oppo was courteous to me when I asked if they would support Roon and MQA in the future on the Sonica. This is what they said…

“Unfortunately for both questions we are likely not going to be able to support Roon or MQA on the Sonica DAC. The technologies requiring processing and audio injection that were not designed for its processor, so it is not likely that we will be able to add these to the Sonica line of products.”

I don’t think what the tech said is entirely true. They added both of these technologies to the UDP-205 after it’s release. It’s based on the same DAC chip as the Sonica. Maybe I’m way off though…

Yes, I made the same argument to them regarding what they added to the UDP-205, which seems awfully similar to the Sonica, and they acted like this was impossible.

And, I can’t believe you would spec a product that poorly, given all that was added to the Bluesound Node, including MQA.

I can say the the ROCK USB to Sonica DAC using Native Audio setting option and DSD512 Upsampling is now working - The Oppo Sonica is displaying DSD @ 22.579MHz

Update DSD512 works for the Sonica DAC only wired (LAN) not wifi when driven via Ropieee on RPi.

Wiz, how’s the sound?

I can’t say is any better than before but as yet haven’t done any really serious A/B comparison or listening